Flight Simulator

My project for the semester in my CSE 541 Project Planning and Management course:

Your assignment is to plan and manage the development of software for a reconfigurable cockpit simulator for an advanced stealth fighter.
The instrumentation is identical to the actual production version.
This is a tool for pilot skill and mission training. The simulator must provide a high-fidelity representation of the actual fighter’s response to the controls.
As the stealth fighter is modified over its lifetime, the simulator must be capable of being modified to reflect those changes.
It should also be reconfigurable for different fighter variants used for different missions.
The hardware interfaces are stable, available and well documented.
This is a standalone system.
The software of the aircraft’s control responses, Aircraft Model, World Model and Aircraft Controls are available as COTS products.

As the new project team, you must conduct the planning, designing, construction, testing and delivery of one of the simulator subsystems (see Block Diagram).
One Team will be the Lead System Integrator (LSI) and will coordinate the work of the other teams (subcontractors).

This is going to be a fun semester.

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