Comcast 16MB/s Service

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. I just upgraded my Comcast internet service from the 8 Meg service to the 16Meg and went from 16033 kbps (2004.1 KB/sec transfer rate) to 21448 kbps (2681 KB/sec transfer rate). Both tests were run against Chicago. Not too shabby!
8 Meg service
16 Meg Service

5 thoughts on “Comcast 16MB/s Service”

  1. From what I know, Comcast has 3 packages available for internet. This is their fastest? Cause i have the middle tier one and im wonderin if its worth an extra 10 dollars a month to upgrade. And no, i dont use the internet for just e-mail (torrents, netflix, gaming, etc). Feedback would be nice

  2. Awesome blog dude, I really loved this post. I’ll be sure to spread this to a few friends who would, most likely, like to check out this page too. Found this blog through the AOL search engine by the way, if you were wondering :P. Great read!

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