Human Computer Interaction (CIT 350)

Moodle Redesign – Final Project

This Moodle redesign is the product of the final project in CIT 350. The object of the project was to redesign the Moodle interface using Adobe Flex 3. This example contains no functioning controls and is intended to UI demonstration only.

Moodle Redesign

Semester Projects

XML Data View

This demonstrates a Data Grid and image being populated by data provided by a static XML file.

Data Grid, XML, Images

View Controller Application Menu

This example demonstrates a simple implementation of the View Controller and Application Menu controls.

View Controller Example

Tic Tac Toe

This example shoes a simple Tic Tac Toe game based on actionscript rules.

Tic Tac Toe

Display Shelf

A simple implementation of the publically available Adobe Display Shelf ActionScript animation.

Display Shelf

Digital Museum

This example demonstrates multiple data views powered by both MySQL & Ruby on Rails. This example is non-functioning.

Digital Museum

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