Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve, you will be missed.
RIP Steven P Jobs

StructuredWeb Is Anything But Structured

I just found a hilarious email I got at my old job about the web hosting company they used….

Ok, I know we both know much Structured Web sucks ass, but I found a real problem with their system.

· So everything on structured web uses the root domain name of
· Every customer they have just acts as an alias on their system
· This really confused me when I was working with our Live/Test site setup because I couldn’t understand how it was configured
· I was searching for some customer satisfaction policy at SW, so I Googled “customer satisfaction”
· One of the hits took me to this Page
· After reading it for a second, I thought it looked very out of place
· So I was trying to figure out what page this came from, which is very difficult because SW uses their own crappy CMS for their site also
· But then I tried something:
o I looked up another SW customer “Integrated Supply Consultants”
o I grabbed the CMS URL following the end of the domain name from what I found on that hit (see above): sw/common/custom/internet/custompage.asp/SETSESS/1/ASE/74/MSE/0/USE/1/TSE/1/LSE/1/SSE/4071/OSE/1/SWID/1
o I tagged that to the end of Integrated Supply Consultants Site: ISC + CMS URL INFO
· Look at that….
· Using that same example:
o Integrated Supply Consultants
o Enterprise Systems Group
o Structured Web
o XXXXXX !!! AND even on our NEW SITE
· This is our Current Contact Us Page. I can easily map that onto another site’s URL, Template, etc.
o Enterprise Systems Group
o Structured Web
· And my personal favorite, our About Us Page:
o Enterprise Systems Group
o Structured Web
o Centratel
o Mpire Telecom

The CMS system doesn’t care what site (or Account) the content actually belongs to and will display it on any site they host.
Google is also indexing files that are stored in the customer center, even if they aren’t linked on any page. And it’s being indexed as coming from, not the appropriate site/account who uploaded the file as demonstrated Here.
I can’t believe they sell a “complete turn-key system” that has such a major flaw and expect people to run their entire business off it.

What a piece of Structured CRAP!

My Review of Command

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

Sophisticated laptop portage for the urban jungle.

Interesting Change but Needs Improvement

By nickganga from Detroit, MI on 2/13/2010


3out of 5

Pros: Comfortable , Lightweight , Attractive, Roomy 

Cons: Not Enough Protection, Wears quickly, Weak Laptop Padding

Best Uses: Commuting, Airplane travel , Work, School

Describe Yourself: Comfort-Oriented, Stylish, Career, Practical, Modern

I bought this bag as a replacement to many years of using many different Commute bags. Coming from that line of bags, I was a little disappointed in the lack of padding at the bottom of this bag. The Commute bags had great padding at the bottom of them but this bag doesn’t. I feel like I have to be more cautious when setting this bag down on the ground, especially with my laptop in it. Also, I feel like the laptop compartment on this bag is not as strong as the Commute. There could be more padding. I like how much room there is inside the storage compartment of the bag and all the hooks for different accessories.
One thing I don’t like about this bag is the strap/clamp. I don’t understand the point of having a strap with a release and as a result of the weak latch, this bag has falling off my shoulder (with all my cargo inside) a few times. I figured out how to avoid it by just ditching the cam-lock.


My Review of Tool Shed

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

A tool bag for handy people.

Great Accessory!

By nickganga from Detroit, MI on 2/13/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Good Protection, Flexible, Lightweight, Lots of Pockets

Cons: Long Break In Time

Best Uses: At Home, Work, Commercial, Onsite, Garage

Describe Yourself: Professional

I’m an all in one IT guru and I use this truck around my tools. Holds everything from my small screwdrivers to my big toners and punchdown tools.


Operation Chokehold

Countdown: [LCT-|-embed]

What is Operation Chokehold?

On Friday, December 18, at noon Pacific time, we will attempt to overwhelm the AT&T data network and bring it to its knees. The goal is to have every iPhone user (or as many as we can) turn on a data intensive app and run that app for one solid hour. Send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network and sick of their abusive comments. The idea is we’ll create a digital flash mob. We’re calling it in Operation Chokehold. Join us and speak truth to power!

I’ve prepared 3 video files that I have tested and can confirm WILL DOWNLOAD over the 3G connection on the iPhone. These are 3 videos from the Lollapalooza concerts in Chicago last year. I figured, might as well eat the bandwidth with something fun to watch too!

Radiohead: (528.1 MB)
Kanye West: (161.6 MB)
Rage Against the Machine: (475 MB)

I also posted a video from Rothbury 20007: (200 MB)

Also! Blackberry Users can participate too. Try PANDORA!

Open Casting Call

LA/NY producers Rubin Whitmore II & Andrena R. Hale of SlikWitt Films
are holding an OPEN CASTING CALL for a non union, low budget feature!
(please forward resumes & headshots to to
schedule an appointment)

When: FRIDAY DECEMBER 18TH, 6:00PM – 9:00PM



OAK PARK, MI 48237
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420 | The day has come

“Crash” meets “Talk to Her”.

In an emergency room the lives of four groups of people intersect and
are forever changed not by their encounter but by their mutual
appreciations for marijuana. … A Middle-Eastern female college student
has to deal with the day-to-day challenges while attempting to get her
chronic pained father to consider medicinal marijuana as a treatment.
… A preppy white male has almost reached rock bottom and attempts to
get off of hard drugs and still keep his sanity. … A young Black male
and his pregnant girlfriend try to cope with the everyday difficulties
of life in the inner city. … An Indian ER doctor decompresses after a
hard day at work, before his corporate fiancée heads off to a day full
of boring meetings. … A 30-something Latino couple survives a
near-death bout with their newborn. … This multiple storyline
narrative is not always reverent but remains a true anecdotal reveal
into the world of people who live their lives with marijuana.


Davar Middle-Eastern father 40-50 yr, upper class, fluent in Arabic
Anoush Middle-Eastern mother 40-50 yr, upper class, fluent in Arabic
Kadira Middle-Eastern daughter 19-22 yr moderate Arabic fluency
(partial nudity)

Father Chaldean Priest, 60-70 yr
Kenny College Black male from Brooklyn, 19-21yr (some nudity)
Darius College Middle-Eastern 19-21 yr
Naomi College White female 19-23 yr, affluent
Lily College Black female 19-21 yr, affluent
2-3 Middle-Eastern couples ages 40-50 yr, affluent

Alonzo Black male 20-30 yr, working class
Tasha Black female 20-25 yr, working class

Black thug males 20-25 yr x3
White cop male 40-50 yr
Black cop male 30-40 yr

Jonathan White male 25-35 yr, white collar
Angela White female 25-35 yr
Ginger White female 25-35 yr

Dr. Singh Indian male 30-40 yr
Laura Freidel White female 30-40 yr

Fluent in Spanish
Amondo Latino husband 30-35 yr
Rosario Latino wife 30-35 yr
Uncle Latino elderly male 60+ yr
Latino young adults males x3 18-25 yr

Latino baby
Latino family for Quinciera 15-20 kids/adult females

ER receptionist
ER pharmacy tech
ER wheechair nurse 1 waiting room
ER gurney nurse 2 hospital room
5-7 misc. ER patients (30-60 yrs) (+2 children)